IN Cell 6000

The IN Cell Analyzer 6000 is a high-end, laser-based, line-scanning confocal imaging platform. It utilizes a novel and proprietary optical engine to achieve both wide field and confocal imaging capabilities in one system. The Iris-like variable aperture and next-generation scientific CMOS camera enable high quality imaging at high speeds without compromising data quality. This instrument is designed for high-throughput imaging and assay development. It can be used for live cell and endpoint assays as well 3-D imaging, co-localization studies and low signal assays.

Our facility has two IN Cell 6000 microscopes, equipped with 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x objectives. Both microscopes are also equipped with temperature and environmental controls, enabling live-cell screens.


Celígo is a low-resolution high-throughput microscope, equipped with LED-based light sources (brightfield and 3 fluorescent channels). Uniform well illumination and large-chip CCD camera allow users to image entire wells at a high-speed. Built-in image analysis tools allow performing on-the-fly analysis in a variety of biological applications (cell/colony counting, migrations assays, expression analysis and many others).