Network Biology Collaborative Centre
High Spatio-temporal Resolution Imaging

Price List & Policies


High Spatio-temporal Resolution Imaging

Imaging prices include pre-processing using DeltaVision software, SoftWoRx. Customized image analysis with other software (e.g. Matlab) is also available for an additional cost.

All prices are per hour unless otherwise specified.

Prime time ($/hr)
Non-prime ($/hr)
Daily max ($/24 hrs)
Prime time ($/hr)
Daily max ($/24 hrs)
Imaging 35 20 495 65 765
 Assay development & training  -- -- -- 100 --
Imaging 60 40 900 80 1080
Assay development & training -- -- -- 120 --
Image processing
Locally with SoftWoRx 15 10 -- 60 --
Locally with other software 15 10 -- Depends on the analysis complexity
On cluster of computers -- -- -- 90 --
Linux computer training -- -- -- 150 --

Note: Prime-time is 9 am to 6 pm. Non-prime time is evening, overnight and weekend.
         Pricing is for external academic laboratories. Internal or industry users should contact Monica Hasegan for pricing.


Accessing the Facility

Users interested in accessing the High Spatio-temporal Resolution Imaging facility should contact Monica Hasegan (hasegan @ to discuss the scope of their project.


Users who plan to do live cell imaging experiments have to meet with the Manager to discuss potential bio-safety risks and to ensure appropriate training. Users must be familiar with practices outlined in Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (3rd edition, 2004, Public Health Agency of Canada-PHAC and enforced by the human Pathogens and Toxins act).